You might have noticed that we have been sharing different colour combinations that you can hire from our existing kit recently, and how this might fit with your own party theme. There’s a good reason for this.

We believe theming a party with what we already have available is paramount to our business principles. The temptation can be there to continue to buy different themes and styles of decorations, table cloths etc. But we believe in true zero-waste practices, and offering more and more options to fit different themes would not be reflective of these principles. We want to offer you a truly sustainable alternative choice. After all, that’s why you’ve come to us!

We have multiple colour options for plastic party kit, and multiple preloved options for vintage china. We supply polka-dot reusable plastic tablecloths in three colours, as well as some dinosaur tablecloths. We have some beautiful table runners. And we have preloved bunting, reusable felt streamers and bunting made from preloved ball pit balls!

We understand the importance to you to provide what your child dreams of. Before we “saw the light” we spent £40 on Batman themed disposable party items for our son’s 3rd birthday! But we could have achieved what we wanted with reusable, and there are other ways you can have a themed party. Use toys you already own, like we did with our toys for the Julia Donaldson setup. Make or have a themed cake made. Give out themed (preferably not plastic!) party favours. Use Pinterest for your inspiration (here at HC Waste Free, we can lose a whole morning to Pinterest).

Ultimately, we have only this planet. We need to find other ways of doing things. The current trend for consumerism is not sustainable. And actually, your child would have no idea anything was different! Imagine starting as you mean to go on for your child’s party. Start with reusable plates and décor. Use props you already own to theme the party. It’ll be fantastic! And the outcome will be the same- a child who feels loved, has had fun, and has eaten a touch too much sugar.